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What I Wore ~ To the Wedding


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Dress ~ ModCloth.com
Shoes ~ Ardene
Belt ~ Vintage
Neckalce ~ Vintage
Hair Flower ~ H&M

For my cousin’s wedding last Friday, I wore the Elegant Arrival Dress from ModCloth.

We tried to sneak in a few photos before the bus (yes, they rented a bus to take the guests to the wedding) got there. Sorry they aren’t that great. I had decided not to take my camera to the wedding with me since I was afraid I’d either wreck it or lose it and we didn’t have a car to stash it in. I know other people got lots of great pics.

I think my favourite part of this outfit is the low back on the dress, but I love the shoes and the flower in my hair too. And there’s that vintage white belt again!

It was a really fun summer wedding and my shoes held up to the dancing. Can’t wait for the next one in September!


Wishlist Wednesday


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Items I love and want to own from ModCloth.com.

Coach Tour Dress in Houndstooth.
I want to wear this to a fall wedding I have coming up.

In the Tree Tops Wall Hooks.
I’d like this for up in the loft.

Refresh your Memory Flat in Coral.
I love the colour of these shoes! Coral is really big right now.

Travel Funds Wallet.
This adorable wallet looks like a mini suitcase!

The Cats of Friends Sweater.
Sealing the deal that I’m totally a cat lady (Not crazy though. I only have 2!)

Bands of Time Watch.
Watches are making a come back and this one is faux leather for the vegans.


Weekend in Review (A day late)


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Last Friday my cousin got married. Her new husband is from Australia (and they met when they were both on vacation in Europe so they have a worldwide love story) and about 40 of his friends and family flew over to Canada for the wedding.

I did not take my camera to the wedding but these are some other photos I took while we were in Wiarton, which is where most of my family lives.

Wild raspberries growing on the side of the dirt road.

This is where we went swimming (and where we got sunburnt)

Fossils in the rocks.

There were so many grasshoppers that would fly as you were walking but I got close enough for this shot.

Beach pebbles

The Canadian and Australian flags flying.

My cousin’s husband (not the newly wed) and their dog Marley out paddling.

Bon fire down by the water.

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.


Goodbye My Sweet Sweet Roland


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I usually do Weekend in Review on Mondays, and I have a really great weekend to post about, but this trumps the weekend post. My mom called me this morning before I went to work. She had just gotten home and found that our cat Roland, had passed away sometime over the weekend. He was 21 years old.

When I was 7, we got Roland from a farmer up the road. He’s named after the farmer. He was such a cute little grey thing when we brought him home. He was frisky too, so we gave him the middle name Trouble. Roland T. Thompson was so adroable when he would arch his back and hop sideways, which we called the Gizzy Bear.

Roland was always the loving brother to our other cat, Willy (who we got from a different farm, my Uncle Lorne’s) and when Rolly was getting up in his years, Willy took care of him. Sadly, even though Willy was the younger cat, he was taken from this world first. Rolly lost his best friend. My mom got a kitten from across the street and even though it took a while for Rolly to warm up to Bebe, he eventually loved her too.

I will always remember Rolly’s meow, the one he did when you’re walking around the property and he doesn’t know where you went. I’ll remember him running over the hill to catch up. I’ll remember his eager face when you went to the closet to get him a treat. I’ll remember how he’d lay on his side and curl his front paws up and look like a little baby seal. I’ll remember how he loved to kick his kitty toys with his back legs.

Even though I haven’t seen Rolly as much in the last few years since I moved away, I will miss him deeply. He was in my life for 21 years. Now he will be buried in the back field behind my Mom’s, along with Willy, Bree, Buttons and other family animals.

Rest in peace my sweet kitty. I will love you always.


DIY Shoes


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So after having to send back the shoes I bought for the wedding, I bought some cheap white flats from Ardene. I got them because the main part of the shoe was the EXACT same colour as the belt I wore (seen here and here). I didn’t really like the white trim though so I decided to DIY with a Sharpie. I didn’t think to take pics until after I had finished one shoe. Opps!

And the finished product! I think they turned out nicely.

Yeah I have sandaltan lines….


Friday Finds&Favs ~ Pinterest


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I’m at my cousin’s wedding today, but here are a few things I found on Pinterest and wanted to share.

I love this idea. I already have a black cat tattoo, but maybe a bunny cameo?

These paintings are adorable.

The Neverending Story, a childhood favourite.

This sounds DELICIOUS! Chad loves coconut water and it’s so good for you.

Sometimes you just need a reminder.


Nerd Alert!


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No doubt about it, nerds can be fashionable! Geek chic, shall we say? ModCloth has plenty of nerdy items to choose from!

For the Paleontology nerd, the Dino Might Necklace from ModCloth.com

For the Gamer Nerd, the Mugs and Kisses from ModCloth.com

For the Astronomy Nerd, the Cosmic Chill Out Top from ModCloth.com

For the Comic Book Nerd, the Bygone Days Dress in Comics from ModCloth.com

For the Star Wars Nerd, the Force of Habit 2013 Planner from ModCloth.com

For the Literary Nerd, the Quote Couture Earrings from ModCloth.com

For the Computer Nerd, the Run a Type Ship from ModCloth.com

Did you know that Etsy has a whole section called “Geekery“? You should check it out! I can spend hours looking through that catergory alone.


Reading Wednesday


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Well, I don’t do this very often, but I am 4 chapters into Jean M. Auel’s The Plains of Passage and I’m going to leave that story and read something else.

I’m really curious to follow Ayla and Jondalar on their journey back to the Zelandonii, but I need to step away from it for a while. The repetition is getting to be a little too annoying, so I’m hoping that by reading something else, I’ll sort of forget those details and NEED to reread them when I finally decide to go back to the Earth’s Children series.

So I’m falling back on my old stand by, Stephen King. King is one of my favourite writers, but I still have quite a few of his books to read. I’ve read 33 of his books, but he has written 49 novels, 9 books of short stories and 5 non-fiction books (which I really have no desire to read but might one day) . I’ve decided to work down the list of his books that I haven’t read by starting with the oldest, which is ‘Salem’s Lot. I might have read this book in high school but as time goes on, I can’t remember if I actually did read it or if I just happen to know what happens in the story from other things I have read. I do remember reading Carrie in school. So I’ll read it again. Or for the first time. Either way, I know I’ll enjoy it.

What are you reading?


Vegan Nail Polish


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Regular nail polish can be full of some pretty yucky stuff, such as formaldehyde (causes cancer), toluene (can cause severe neurological problems when inhaled) and dibutyl phthalate (causes abnormalities in babies).

Not only are these nail polishes free of all that stuff, they are also free of animal products and aren’t tested on animals. Yay!

These are some colours that I am in love with right now.

Gabriel Cosmetics: Lotus

SpaRitual: Becoming Reality

No Miss Cosmetics: Gainesville Green

Butter London: HRH

That HRH colour from Butter London would go perfectly with the dress I’m wearing for the wedding on Friday, but I’ll be doing French tips instead. I just want to say that I only have personal expereince with SpaRitual polish, since I wore it for my wedding (Free Bird that I had done at The Ten Spot). A store in my area, Common Sort, is going to be carrying Butter London now and I’m excited to see what colours they have and give that brand a try. You can buy both Gabriel and No Miss nail polishes online at Vegan Essentials.

If you have other vegan nail polishes that you love, leave a comment! What has your experience been with these brands? Love them? Hate them? I might do a larger vegan nail polish post in the future.