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Every Sunday I’m going to do a 3-card Tarot cardreading for the week ahead. To learn more about Tarot, visit Learning the Tarot. This is the reading I did today:

This is a Body, Mind, Spirit spread. So the Strength card represents body, The Chariot Card (which also happens to be my Soul Card) represents Mind and the 6 of Cups represents Spirit.

Body – Strength: A Major Arcana card, the 8th card in The Fool’s Journey. It means I will be strong and powerful, physically in the coming week. I will be in control of the situations I face and possess courage and fortitude.

Mind – The Chariot: Another Major Arcana card, the 7th card in The Fool’s Journey. It means my mind will be clear and focused. I well meet goals that I set or myself this week. I will be victorious. Since this is my Soul Card, it is likely very important.

Spirit – 6 o Cups: A Minor Arcana card. Cups represent water, the feminine, emotion and spititual belief. Six cups mean enjoy life with happiness and well-being. It means harmony and balance in relationships and emotions.

All in all, the cards say that this will be a good week for me. I’m looking forward to it.