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Yesterday, I needed to go get to get some things (make-up mostly) and we decided to stop for lunch at Belmonte Raw. Even though it has been open for a while, this was our first visit.

Outside we saw these cute Pac-Man Ghosts hanging around.

The inside of Belmonte Raw is really well done. There were workmen there fixing the A/C but we didn’t mind. I really liked their decor. I like anything with exposed brick walls. The writing on the mirror says “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagine.”

 We started with some drinks. Chad had a smoothie while I went with the Happiness Juice. It is red grapes, granny smith apple and grapefruit. It was VERY tart, but I liked it. For our entrees, Chad went with the Madras Curry Wrap and I decided on the Taco Salad. The menu is small but it changes every other day. I tried Chad’s wrap and it was good, but we both would have liked a bit more curry taste to it. Chad said it got more “currier” at the end because the sauce all fell to the bottom. My salad was nice and filling. I did notice that I didn’t get the raw corn flax chips that were listed on the menu, but I was too hungry to say anything about it. The taco “meat” could have had a bit more taco flavour but it was still very tasty. I really liked the avocado lime dressing and cashew sour cream.





We decided to go all out and get TWO desserts as well. We had the Peanut Butter Thimble and The Almond Raspberry Thimble. We had a bite of each but Chad liked the almond raspberry one better, which was fine by me since I prefered the peanut butter one. The PB one had gold on top!


We will definitely be going back to Belmonte Raw again, since it’s really close to our house.  We just might skip the drinks and dessert to keep it within our budget. Splurging every now and then is fun though.






After we left, we heading up Avenueand came across this amazing/creepy house! So many toys! And most are in pretty rough condition from being outside all of the time. I wonder what their neighbours think about it….. Here are a few more close-up shots.