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Here are the cards picked for this week’s reading:

So here we have the 9 of Pentacles, the Knight of Swords and The Lovers.

Body – 9 of Pentacles: A minor Arcana card, but a high numbered one. Pentacles represent earth, the physical body, health, material possessions, money and career. As you can see from the craftsman working on making the pentacles, this card means working towards a goal. It signifies steady growth, discipline and focus. Since it is in the Body position, it is most likely referring to my work situation, but could also be about my health. We will see where the week takes me!

Mind – Knight of Swords: A court card. Swords represent air, the mind, thoughts, ideas and intellect. Most of the sword cards mean difficulties. The knight of Swords expresses that I will be too harsh and confrontational (not unusual,hehehe). It is telling me to communicate and talk to lots of people instead of getting defensive. Good advice.

Spirit – The Lovers: A Major Arcana card. The Lovers not only mean finding love with a partner (which I already have :}), but also loving yourself and the world around you. The card indicates that I need to freely express my emotions and trust my feelings this week. I should have a positive mental outlook and strong self-esteem. Basically, I need to love me, inside and out. Which goes along perfectly with the Summer of Self-Love. Check it out!

After reading my cards, even though I have a pesky sword card in there, I’m looking forward to the week ahead.