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On Saturday, Chad and I went to MEC Bikefest in the lovely Distillery District.

We had a really nice time. Chad got some used (expensive) pedals for cheap at the MEC Swap Table and bought other little things for his bike. He was photographed by someone at YNOT Cycle because he was wearing their cycling bag.

Cool bike made with bamboo.

The Samba Squad was there for the Toronto Jazz Festival and they were amazing. I love their music and couldn’t help but dance!

We also saw the Mike Janzen Trio at the Pure Spirits Lounge.

The Distillery District has some really cool art installations, plus old junky trucks hanging around.

Creepy One-Eyed Spider thing

This reminded me of trees from Dr. Seus, but with bug eyes…

My favourite sculpture in the DD. He’ll swallow you whole!

It was getting REALLY hot while we waited for a friend to get her bike tuned up, so I went and found some shade, and met this interesting little guy.

It was a really nice day. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at the St. Lawrence Market and went to get some groceries. Look at this cool can of beans!