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The 1st of July falls on a Sunday this year, so instead of doing a reading for the week ahead, I’ll do a more comprehensive reading for the new month.

The Woven Spread

The Circle/Cross

The Staff

This is the Woven Spread of 10 cards.There is the Circle/Cross that represents the feminine and the Staff which represents the masculine. The cards are laid out in a counter clockwise matter so that one can have influence on the outcome. Nothing is set in stone.

Card 1 ~ Where I am now: King of Cups – emotional, kind, giving, creative
Card 2 ~ Supports or blocks Card 1: The World – rebirth, freedom, wholeness, fulfillment
Card 3 ~ What to do: 9 of Wands – strength in struggles, willpower, ability to fight
Card 4 ~ Past: 10 of Pentacles – security, stability, contentment, increase in wealth
Card 5 ~ What not to do: Ace of Cups – new beginning, emotional expression, goodness
Card 6 ~ Future: 5 of Cups – depression, loss, sadness, disappointment, grieve
Card 7 ~ Hopes and Fears: The Hierophant – conform or rebel against structure
Card 8 ~ Those around me: The Devil – materialism, dishonest, obsession
Card 9 ~ Mental State: Pages of Pentacles – want to learn, interest in health, healing and nature
Card 10 ~ Outcome: 7 of Swords – represents 1 month until outcome, false friendship, destructive thoughts, weak plan
Card 11 ~ Outcome if Card 10 is not a Destiny Card: Ace of Pentacles – wealth, prosperity, new beginning, better health and more opportunities

From he looks of it, might have some bad times this month. Perhaps someone will turn out not to be
truly my friend. My future card looks very grim, but my outcome card is positive so whatever comes, I will just have to be strong, like card 9 tells me to be and things will get better. Like I said before, it’s not set in stone though and perhaps I can change things now that I’m aware.

Plus, someone decided to crash my reading, so who knows what THAT means?!