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Who doesn’t love a long weekend? Yesterday was Canada Day here in the North True, Strong and Free. That means that Chad and I both have today off. It’s so nice to just relax at home.
It was a pretty eventful weekend. Not only was it Canada Day long weekend, but it was the end of Pride week and there was also that foot game some people were so concerned with on Sunday. I have no pictures relating to THAT, but here are some I took this weekend.

Saturday I went to Wychwood Market to meet some friends.

My first visit to Wychwood Market

Colourful smoke stack on top. Reminds me of Pride!

They have lovely community gardens

Yummy local cherries, my haul form the Wychwood Market

The Toronto Vegan Knitters picnicking on the grass. It was such a gorgeous day! Afterwards, I got my hair cut. Go down to the last pic to see it!

Saturday’s lunch, tofu ribs and a cold Mexican barley salad.

On Sunday, Chad was helping a friend move, so I hit up the Pride Parade on my own.

These guys were having a good time.

Cool tricks on the street.

Gay Gamers! They were all dressed as Pokemon!

I love Pride.

There were some stunning drag queens in the parade!

This was my bank’s float. One of the tellers who works at my branch was carrying their sign.

My FAVOURITE float! These two got married during the parade! How cool is that!? They are from NYC and I wish them all the best!

Google sponored the parade this year.

I LOVED TCR’s sign! I adopted Morgan and Dezzie from them. I didn’t just save one pussy, I saved two!

Post-Pride, back at home with my beads and a Frap. I was sore and tired from dancing, but it was well worth it!

Now on to me relaxing final day to my weekend. Hope yours was as good as mine!