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Meet Dexter. He is the apple of my eye.
I adopted him from the Toronto Humane Society in September of 2007. I was living with a room mate who was allergic to cats, and I didn’t think I could handle the responsibility of a dog, so I decided to adopt a rabbit. Growing up we had LOTS of rabbits in our house (my uncle wasn’t as good at sexing them as he thought he was). I picked Dexter off of their website before going to the shelter to get him. He had a sad story of being bought at a pet store, then being taken to the humane society over and over again for silly reasons. By the time I adopted him, he was a known biter and very grumpy. The shelter people said they did NOT want him returned again. Five years later, he’s still with me.

Dex turned 7 in January, which is old for most bunnies, but his breed is a Rex and they can live to be 14 years old! Since he’s a Rex, he has very soft fur. Everyone loves to pet him!
Dexter has free range of our apartment. This means he can get into mischief sometimes. We’ve lost some power cords to his teeth and he likes to eat the dry wall. Instead of slowing down in his middle age, he seems to be exploring more and more!

He’s my baby and I love him so much! Here are some of my favourite pictures of him.

This stuffed seal Dexter’s girlfriend. He loves to cuddle with her, groom her and, ahem, be intimate with her once in a while.

This bunny loves to soak up the sun.

Bunny in a basket!

He’s not a big fan of being picked up, but aren’t we cute?

I will introduce you to the other kids, Morgan and Dezzie, soon!