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Last night we had a power outage. I’m not complaining since the power did come on around 3:20am and I know that there are a lot of people down in the States who have been without power for days in this heat. We only had a little taste of it.
It was sucky that we had clothes in the wash, which I had to take out and rinse and ring out by hand to dry on our line. That and it was so hot in our loft that I slept downstairs on the floor. A wee bit sore today.

One thing I DO like about the power being out is candles. So that’s the inspiration for today’s Finds & Favs.

This image has made it’s rounds on the internet, but I think it’s so beautiful

DIY Printed Candles from Instructables. I need to do this! I already have tons of ink pads.

I adore the Candlelit Picnic Dress from ModCloth.com We had already eaten, but a picnic by candlelight would have been lovely last night. Even with lots of candles, I probably would have spilled something on it though.

I bet this Tropical Smoothie Soy Candle from Anhoki on Etsy smells divine. Peaches, mango, coconut and grapefruit? Yum!

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