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Dress ~ Thrifted
Cardigan ~ Zara
Belt ~ Vintage
Shoes ~Spring

Over at The Nearsighted Owl, Rachele has been having weekly link-ups called “I am Proud of My Size!” for people to show the world that we love ourselves no matter what! I am a size 10 and I love it!

I bought this dress at Value Village for $4. I usually have trouble finding clothes I like there but Chad likes to shop there and I’m really glad I decided to browse a bit. I was just drawn to the colourful foral pattern. It seems like such a weird combo with black, brown, white, taupe, fuchsia and babyy blue, but it works! I fall more in love with it the more I wear it.
The “dress” is actually a long skirt with an elastic waist that I just pulled up and put a belt on it. I wore this to my cousin’s Stag and Doe but didn’t get any pictures of it that night.

Disclaimer: I’m still learning how to take outfit posts and figuring out the camera. I hope to get a tripod soon and maybe a remote. I took these photos in near the freight elevator in our building and set the camera on the steps up to the roof. =)