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As soon as I saw my cards this morning, I had , a guess not really a bad feel, but definitely not a good feeling.

The 7 of Wands, The Hierophant and the 6 of Swords.

Body (Reality) – 7 of Wands: Minor card, representing fire, action, creativity. Seven is a spiritual number of questioning and seeking. It means an inner quest. There is struggle, to stand my ground but I will be unsure of myself and my actions. I will need to look within to determine where I should direct my energies and if I should continue with projects I am working on. (No matter what, I am continuing with this blog!)

Mind (Thoughts) – The Hierophant: Major card. It was also chosen during my monthly reading so I guess my Hopes and Fears will show themselves this week. There is structure that I either need to conform to a rebel against.

Spirit (Subconscious Guidance) – 6 of Swords: Minor card, representing air, clarity of thought, creativity and invention. The Sword cards usually mean difficulties, but since 6 is a perfect number, this is a positive card. It means a balanced state of mind, the calm after the storm, communication and healing. I like seeing this card after the internal struggle I will have from the 7 of Wands, perhaps a struggle between conforming and rebelling. By the end of the week, I’ll be alright, Back to normal.

I have a feeling the cards are about our office’s Summer Retreat (which isn’t really a retreat, just lunch and a movie) because a restaurant was chosen that isn’t vegan-friendly. I sent an email to the organizer saying I would eat before hand. She didn’t reply before I left on Friday. I am determined to stand my ground on this though. I’ll still be there for the lunch, just not eating. I do not want to give in and have to eating a plain salad at this place when I can easily eat a yummy vegan falafel in the food court of the same building. I hate giving the impression to my co-workers that vegans can’t eat out, but this was just a really bad choice of restaurant. If it was up to me, I could have picked a far better place where everyone could eat a nice meal without feeling deprived. It looks like there will be calm and communication though so I’m not worried. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a good week everyone!