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In the summer of 2009, I adopted a little black kitty named Indy from Toronto Cat Rescue. She had been found with her mother and her brothers and sisters in an old warehouse. She was about 8 months old when they trapped her and about a year old when I met her. I had actually gone to the foster home to adopt another cat, but he was already adopted. I wanted a cat who would be fine with Dexter, so since the foster also had rabbit, I met with the other foster cats there to see if I “clicked” with any of them.
The foster mom was surprised when I sat on the floor and shy little Indy got so close to me (she was still under the bed though). I decided Indy should come home with me.
After some difficult maneuvering to get her into my carrier, Indy and I were on our way home. A very noisy way home since she would not stop meowing. Once we got there, I put her in the bathroom with food, water and her litter box, hoping she’d get used to her new surroundings little by little.

She was still meowing and meowing, probably wondering where all of the other cats went. It broke my heart so I let her out after a few hours (My apartment at the time had a seperate room for Dexter so I could introduce them later.) I decided to name her Morgan le Fay. When her and Dex were introduced, it was no big deal. I trust them both not to hurt the other. I was actually more worried about Dexter biting Morgan than the other way around.
Morgan was a very fearful cat. It was 6 months before she would let me touch her, but once she discovered how good it felt, she was all over that! She opened right up and now she loves to be cuddled and rubbed.

Here are some more cute pics of Morgan.

Morgan is quirky and outgoing now. She is an overgroomer, which is why her belly and the backs of her front paws are bare. It’s just how she is! She also have a very long tongue that tends to sneak out of her mouth when she relaxes. She’s such a sweetie and I love her to pieces.

I love both of my black kitties. Next time I’ll tell you about Morgan’s sister, Dezzie (yeah her actual sister), who we adopted a year after bringing Morgan home. She’s an oddball as well.


PS: Don’t shop! Adopt! Black cats are usually the last to get adopted and they have such fun personalities. If you have room in your home and heart, consider giving a black cat a forever home.