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No theme this week, just a few items I’m currently coveting from ModCloth.com.

Swoop or Salad Bowl Set

Día de los Muertos Cardigan in Black

Pirouette into Panache Pin

Ink Twice Flats

Basque in the Memories Dress

I had my first return to ModCloth today, the Sweet Spectator Heels. *sad face* I had contacted B.A.I.T. asking about the composition of the shoe since their website doesn’t say anything about real leather, just faux, and the ModCloth site mentions both. I was told it was faux leather. I bought them, thinking ModCloth just made a mistake. Nope, the inside heel is definitely leather. B.A.I.T. apologised and if I had looked through their other shoes, I would see that they do mark other styles as vegan and some are really cute. I’ll likely give them a second chance. They should just add “leather” to the details of the shoes that do have it, which is mainly any shoe with a solid back instead of a strap. I bought some other shoes to wear to the wedding already. I’ll just use my store credit to get something else I like from ModCloth. Maybe one of these pretties?