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Body – Knight of Pentacles: Court Card, representing fire (the masculine knight) that has been quashed by the earth (the pentacle). The meaning of this card is stagnation and lull in activity. It is a time to rest, to be patient, persistent and to focus on the details. I’m not suppose to overspend and I am to avoid extremes. I should go slow.

Mind – Justice: Major card, meaning balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Situations will require compromise and fairness. It can also represent partnership.

Spirit – Judgment: Major card, that means I am destined to a new level of life. It is like being reincarnated without dying. It represents rebirth, improvement and opportunity.

None of these cards are unwanted, but since I have my cousin’s wedding on Friday, the Knight of Pentacles in the Body position is kind of a downer! I’m hoping it means the beginning of the week because I’m not being stagnant at the reception! I will keep in mind to avoid extremes with the alcohol though.

The Justice and Judgment cards are welcome since I could use some balance and opportunity in my life. I’m looking forward to this week. I hope you are too!


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