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Regular nail polish can be full of some pretty yucky stuff, such as formaldehyde (causes cancer), toluene (can cause severe neurological problems when inhaled) and dibutyl phthalate (causes abnormalities in babies).

Not only are these nail polishes free of all that stuff, they are also free of animal products and aren’t tested on animals. Yay!

These are some colours that I am in love with right now.

Gabriel Cosmetics: Lotus

SpaRitual: Becoming Reality

No Miss Cosmetics: Gainesville Green

Butter London: HRH

That HRH colour from Butter London would go perfectly with the dress I’m wearing for the wedding on Friday, but I’ll be doing French tips instead. I just want to say that I only have personal expereince with SpaRitual polish, since I wore it for my wedding (Free Bird that I had done at The Ten Spot). A store in my area, Common Sort, is going to be carrying Butter London now and I’m excited to see what colours they have and give that brand a try. You can buy both Gabriel and No Miss nail polishes online at Vegan Essentials.

If you have other vegan nail polishes that you love, leave a comment! What has your experience been with these brands? Love them? Hate them? I might do a larger vegan nail polish post in the future.