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Well, I don’t do this very often, but I am 4 chapters into Jean M. Auel’s The Plains of Passage and I’m going to leave that story and read something else.

I’m really curious to follow Ayla and Jondalar on their journey back to the Zelandonii, but I need to step away from it for a while. The repetition is getting to be a little too annoying, so I’m hoping that by reading something else, I’ll sort of forget those details and NEED to reread them when I finally decide to go back to the Earth’s Children series.

So I’m falling back on my old stand by, Stephen King. King is one of my favourite writers, but I still have quite a few of his books to read. I’ve read 33 of his books, but he has written 49 novels, 9 books of short stories and 5 non-fiction books (which I really have no desire to read but might one day) . I’ve decided to work down the list of his books that I haven’t read by starting with the oldest, which is ‘Salem’s Lot. I might have read this book in high school but as time goes on, I can’t remember if I actually did read it or if I just happen to know what happens in the story from other things I have read. I do remember reading Carrie in school. So I’ll read it again. Or for the first time. Either way, I know I’ll enjoy it.

What are you reading?