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I usually do Weekend in Review on Mondays, and I have a really great weekend to post about, but this trumps the weekend post. My mom called me this morning before I went to work. She had just gotten home and found that our cat Roland, had passed away sometime over the weekend. He was 21 years old.

When I was 7, we got Roland from a farmer up the road. He’s named after the farmer. He was such a cute little grey thing when we brought him home. He was frisky too, so we gave him the middle name Trouble. Roland T. Thompson was so adroable when he would arch his back and hop sideways, which we called the Gizzy Bear.

Roland was always the loving brother to our other cat, Willy (who we got from a different farm, my Uncle Lorne’s) and when Rolly was getting up in his years, Willy took care of him. Sadly, even though Willy was the younger cat, he was taken from this world first. Rolly lost his best friend. My mom got a kitten from across the street and even though it took a while for Rolly to warm up to Bebe, he eventually loved her too.

I will always remember Rolly’s meow, the one he did when you’re walking around the property and he doesn’t know where you went. I’ll remember him running over the hill to catch up. I’ll remember his eager face when you went to the closet to get him a treat. I’ll remember how he’d lay on his side and curl his front paws up and look like a little baby seal. I’ll remember how he loved to kick his kitty toys with his back legs.

Even though I haven’t seen Rolly as much in the last few years since I moved away, I will miss him deeply. He was in my life for 21 years. Now he will be buried in the back field behind my Mom’s, along with Willy, Bree, Buttons and other family animals.

Rest in peace my sweet kitty. I will love you always.