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Last Friday my cousin got married. Her new husband is from Australia (and they met when they were both on vacation in Europe so they have a worldwide love story) and about 40 of his friends and family flew over to Canada for the wedding.

I did not take my camera to the wedding but these are some other photos I took while we were in Wiarton, which is where most of my family lives.

Wild raspberries growing on the side of the dirt road.

This is where we went swimming (and where we got sunburnt)

Fossils in the rocks.

There were so many grasshoppers that would fly as you were walking but I got close enough for this shot.

Beach pebbles

The Canadian and Australian flags flying.

My cousin’s husband (not the newly wed) and their dog Marley out paddling.

Bon fire down by the water.

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.