Weekend in Review


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Well, I had a pretty uneventful weekend full of laundry and cleaning (oh and episodes of Mad Men), but I did take some pics.

On my way to meet Chad. You can see the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market and the Gooderham Building (Flatiron).

Vegan Oreo Donut from Rise Above Bakery

Homemade vegan pizza with Tofurky sausage, Daiya cheese and veggies.

I was experimenting with Aperature Priority and Shutter Priority on my camera this weekend. This is a weird wire thing with red and orange balls that we found and kind of liked.

Sunday Dinner. A breakfast burrito from Sadie’s Diner with guac, and Chad and I shared the donuts. One is PB&J and one is Blueberry Crumble. Yum!


Weekly Tarot Reading ~ July 22, 2012


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Body – Knight of Pentacles: Court Card, representing fire (the masculine knight) that has been quashed by the earth (the pentacle). The meaning of this card is stagnation and lull in activity. It is a time to rest, to be patient, persistent and to focus on the details. I’m not suppose to overspend and I am to avoid extremes. I should go slow.

Mind – Justice: Major card, meaning balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Situations will require compromise and fairness. It can also represent partnership.

Spirit – Judgment: Major card, that means I am destined to a new level of life. It is like being reincarnated without dying. It represents rebirth, improvement and opportunity.

None of these cards are unwanted, but since I have my cousin’s wedding on Friday, the Knight of Pentacles in the Body position is kind of a downer! I’m hoping it means the beginning of the week because I’m not being stagnant at the reception! I will keep in mind to avoid extremes with the alcohol though.

The Justice and Judgment cards are welcome since I could use some balance and opportunity in my life. I’m looking forward to this week. I hope you are too!


I you’d ever like me to do a reading for you, I’d be happy to. Send me an email.

What I Wore ~ Unlocked


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Cardigan ~ H&M
Tank Top ~ Garage
Clamdiggers ~ Thrifted
Shoes ~ Zellers
Bag ~ CoolCorc
Necklace ~ Vintage

I wore this on Casual Friday at the office. Every Friday, we get to wear jeans to work. I found these denim clamdiggers (Ok, what’s a vegan appropriate term to call them?) at Value Village last summer.

I’m lovin my new cardigan. I’m really into purple lately. The dress I’m wearing next week for my cousin’s wedding is purple and I got some purple flowers at H&M as well to put in my hair.

Speaking of hair, how do you like my hair in a Gibson Tuck (or roll, or bun)? With my new shorter hair, I’ve been looking or new hair styles and found this one on Sara’s Blog. Mine isn’t as polished, but practice makes perfect.

I’m still in love with the CoolCorc purse I won from One Green Planet.

The key on my necklace is another item I found at my Grandma’s house. She has so many old keys and doesn’t know what they belong to so I got to keep two. This is the shinier one and the other is pretty dull and rusty. They both have their own personality that I love.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Bye for now!


Friday Finds & Favs


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Dresses from Shabby Apple

I love the bold pattern of the Frabjous Day Dress

The green of the Machu Picchu dress is so vibrant and fun plus I adore the Peter Pan collar.

The Walk the Plank dress is fantastic. The orange top, the blue skirt with white polka dots, the tiers, all of it!

The Aloha dress. Hot pink with scallops? Perfection!

I am swept away but the Summer Wind Dress!

Have a great Friday!


Movie Review ~ Ted


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On Tuesday, after our office lunch we had a choice between seeing Ted or Rock of Ages. Since I hadn’t heard very good reviews of Rock of Ages, I decided to see Ted.

Ted is co-written, produced and directed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlene. He also does the voice of Ted. The movie is about a teddy bear that comes to life after a little boy makes a wish and it takes place 27 years later when that boy, John (played by Mark Wahlberg), is now a man with responsibilities and the bear is now a party animal who is holding John back from really growing up and taking his relationship with his girlfriend (played by Mila Kunis) to the next level. This is not, I repeat, is NOT a children’s movie.

I’m not usually one to go see comedies in theatres. I can wait for it to come out on DVD. I save my theatre money to go see movies I am really excited about or just the bigger action/adventure ones that are WAY better on the big screen.

It seems like audiences like this movie more than critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics give it 68% but audiences are giving it 83%. That seems like a big difference to me.

I think I fall somewhere in between. I give the movie 3 out of 5 stars. It was funny. I did laugh out loud at plenty of the jokes, but I was also loosened up a bit by a few alcoholic drinks that came with lunch….. but some did fall flat (too many gay jokes) and without giving anything away, I did NOT like what they did at the end of the movie. I’d love to rant on about the ending here, but I’m not the spoiler type.
I do like the cameos though, like Ryan Reynolds, Norah Jones and Tom Skerritt. I am a big Giovanni Ribisi fan (anyone else remember him as Jeff Billings on the Wonder Years?) and he has some stellar dance moves in the film.
Another thing I liked is that the movie is set in a world where people are perfectly ok with a magical talking teddy bear because one has been around for 27 years and it’s just the way things are. Ted is thought of as normal, as simply a guy who had his 15 minutes of fame but is still a little bit of a novelty. It’s a world where you can go to a store and you aren’t phased at all that there’s a teddy bear ringing you through.

So the verdict is if you need a laugh, go see Ted, but if that laugh isn’t super urgent, wait and watch it at home.


Wishlist Wednesday


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No theme this week, just a few items I’m currently coveting from ModCloth.com.

Swoop or Salad Bowl Set

Día de los Muertos Cardigan in Black

Pirouette into Panache Pin

Ink Twice Flats

Basque in the Memories Dress

I had my first return to ModCloth today, the Sweet Spectator Heels. *sad face* I had contacted B.A.I.T. asking about the composition of the shoe since their website doesn’t say anything about real leather, just faux, and the ModCloth site mentions both. I was told it was faux leather. I bought them, thinking ModCloth just made a mistake. Nope, the inside heel is definitely leather. B.A.I.T. apologised and if I had looked through their other shoes, I would see that they do mark other styles as vegan and some are really cute. I’ll likely give them a second chance. They should just add “leather” to the details of the shoes that do have it, which is mainly any shoe with a solid back instead of a strap. I bought some other shoes to wear to the wedding already. I’ll just use my store credit to get something else I like from ModCloth. Maybe one of these pretties?


Meet the Kids ~ Morgan


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In the summer of 2009, I adopted a little black kitty named Indy from Toronto Cat Rescue. She had been found with her mother and her brothers and sisters in an old warehouse. She was about 8 months old when they trapped her and about a year old when I met her. I had actually gone to the foster home to adopt another cat, but he was already adopted. I wanted a cat who would be fine with Dexter, so since the foster also had rabbit, I met with the other foster cats there to see if I “clicked” with any of them.
The foster mom was surprised when I sat on the floor and shy little Indy got so close to me (she was still under the bed though). I decided Indy should come home with me.
After some difficult maneuvering to get her into my carrier, Indy and I were on our way home. A very noisy way home since she would not stop meowing. Once we got there, I put her in the bathroom with food, water and her litter box, hoping she’d get used to her new surroundings little by little.

She was still meowing and meowing, probably wondering where all of the other cats went. It broke my heart so I let her out after a few hours (My apartment at the time had a seperate room for Dexter so I could introduce them later.) I decided to name her Morgan le Fay. When her and Dex were introduced, it was no big deal. I trust them both not to hurt the other. I was actually more worried about Dexter biting Morgan than the other way around.
Morgan was a very fearful cat. It was 6 months before she would let me touch her, but once she discovered how good it felt, she was all over that! She opened right up and now she loves to be cuddled and rubbed.

Here are some more cute pics of Morgan.

Morgan is quirky and outgoing now. She is an overgroomer, which is why her belly and the backs of her front paws are bare. It’s just how she is! She also have a very long tongue that tends to sneak out of her mouth when she relaxes. She’s such a sweetie and I love her to pieces.

I love both of my black kitties. Next time I’ll tell you about Morgan’s sister, Dezzie (yeah her actual sister), who we adopted a year after bringing Morgan home. She’s an oddball as well.


PS: Don’t shop! Adopt! Black cats are usually the last to get adopted and they have such fun personalities. If you have room in your home and heart, consider giving a black cat a forever home.

Weekend in Review


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On Saturday, Chad was riding in his first Alleycat Race, Global Gutz. The race ended at Cherry Beach, so I decided to make us a picnic dinner and use lovely picnic backpack my cousin got us for our wedding.
I made use some Tofurky wraps (tofurky, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, S&P and mustard) and brought some soy pudding for dessert, plus some cucumber water.

Chad was good and tired after the race, but I’m so proud of him for doing it!

We went and sat on the beach for a bit to eat and just hang out. It was a lovely day. I did go in for a dip, but there was too much seaweed on the bottom and floating in the water. I didn’t want seaweed in my hair. The water was really warm though.

Later that night we met up with Chad’s friend and went to a punk show at Soy Bomb.

I must be getting old because after the first band, Omaha, and one beer I was ready to go home. I left the boys to rock out and grabbed a streetcar, which was then held up by a school bus full of drunk college kids.

The next day, Chad had to work so I headed to the AGO to see the Picasso exhibit.

We aren`t allowed to take photos of the art pieces but my favourite was Reclining Woman Reading which is of his mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter.

It was so hot and sticky on Sunday that I really didn`t feel like going and trying on clothes, so I just went to H&M, picked up something I liked and took it home to try on. It fit so I`m keeping it. It`s a sweater though, so you won`t see it in outfit pics until this heat wave is done!

All in all, it was a nice fun weekend. What did you get up to?


Weekly Tarot Reading ~ July 15, 2012


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As soon as I saw my cards this morning, I had , a guess not really a bad feel, but definitely not a good feeling.

The 7 of Wands, The Hierophant and the 6 of Swords.

Body (Reality) – 7 of Wands: Minor card, representing fire, action, creativity. Seven is a spiritual number of questioning and seeking. It means an inner quest. There is struggle, to stand my ground but I will be unsure of myself and my actions. I will need to look within to determine where I should direct my energies and if I should continue with projects I am working on. (No matter what, I am continuing with this blog!)

Mind (Thoughts) – The Hierophant: Major card. It was also chosen during my monthly reading so I guess my Hopes and Fears will show themselves this week. There is structure that I either need to conform to a rebel against.

Spirit (Subconscious Guidance) – 6 of Swords: Minor card, representing air, clarity of thought, creativity and invention. The Sword cards usually mean difficulties, but since 6 is a perfect number, this is a positive card. It means a balanced state of mind, the calm after the storm, communication and healing. I like seeing this card after the internal struggle I will have from the 7 of Wands, perhaps a struggle between conforming and rebelling. By the end of the week, I’ll be alright, Back to normal.

I have a feeling the cards are about our office’s Summer Retreat (which isn’t really a retreat, just lunch and a movie) because a restaurant was chosen that isn’t vegan-friendly. I sent an email to the organizer saying I would eat before hand. She didn’t reply before I left on Friday. I am determined to stand my ground on this though. I’ll still be there for the lunch, just not eating. I do not want to give in and have to eating a plain salad at this place when I can easily eat a yummy vegan falafel in the food court of the same building. I hate giving the impression to my co-workers that vegans can’t eat out, but this was just a really bad choice of restaurant. If it was up to me, I could have picked a far better place where everyone could eat a nice meal without feeling deprived. It looks like there will be calm and communication though so I’m not worried. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a good week everyone!


Weekend Plans


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We’re having a heat wave….. a tropical heat wave……

It’s hot! Like really hot. Today Chad is competing in his first ever Alleycat race. He’s kind of nervous. We’re also tidying up the place because we MIGHT have guests tonight. I hate not knowing one way or another but it’s always nice to have a clean house. I’ll be meeting him at Cherry Beach, which is where the race ends, with a little picnic dinner, then we’re going to a local concert at a place called SOy Bomb. Chad’s friend who lives in Vancouver, but has been traveling for a year, will also be there. Should be fun!

Tomorrow, Chad is working so I am going to take myself on a date and go see the Picasso exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to the Frida & Diego exhibit that opens in October.
Since I’ll be downtown, I might also do a little shopping. I have a 20% off coupon only good for this weekend for H&M.

Portrait of Dora Maar

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and are enjoying your summer (if it’s summer where you are).